3D Silk Vs. 3D Mink Vs. Non-3D: What's the Difference?

There are some major differences between 3D lashes and regular lashes (non-3D). There is a reason why we chose to go with the 3D styles as well!



  • MINK: 5-8 wears only
  • 3D MINK: Minimum of 25 wears
  • 3D SILK: Minimum of 25 wears



  • MINK: Good quality, but has gaps/spaces a lot
  • 3D MINK: High quality, layers of hair so no gaps are seen
  • 3D SILK: High quality, different technique used



  • MINK: Handmade or machine made
  • 3D MINK: Always handmade
  • 3D SILK: Always handmade


Investing in 3D Lashes is key!