4 Different Lash Styles for the Upcoming Bride

So we hear you're getting married!! Congrats! This is definitely a stressful time, however finding a makeup artist for your wedding doesn't need to be a stressful step. We're going to show you 6 different lashes that go with different styles of makeup for bridal makeup.


  1. Natural: if you're looking for a very subtle look, the style you need in your life is SAV. This 3D Mink lash is natural on the eyes to just fill in your natural lashes, but also give a bit extra (it is your wedding after all)


2. Soft Glam: if you're a bride who wants more than a natural look, but does not want to go full glam, we recommend the ARIES eyelash.


  3. Glamour: if you're a bride who wants to be glammed for your big special day, then you definitely want to look into SCORPIO. Scorpio is a dramatic 3D Mink lash that will lift your eye with automatically gives a timeless + youthful makeup look!


4. PARTY: now, this is for people who are having a crazy wedding, maybe a vegas wedding, or just wants to try something new. If you're this type of bride, you NEED 21+! This eyelash style is a part of our Artistry Collection and will leave you looking great!