Applying Lashes for Beginners

Not sure how to apply lashes? No worries, Cavalli Lash has you covered! It can definitely be difficult in the beginning to get the hand of, but before you know it you'll be applying them in the backseat of an Uber on your way to work!


  1. CURL YOUR LASHES: this is a very important step that is often overlooked. Curling your lashes helps your natural lashes blend into your false strip eyelashes. 

  2. APPLY MASCARA: applying mascara before you apply your lashes is essential. If you apply mascara after you apply your lashes, your lashes may not last as long. You will definitely need to clean them after every single use to make sure the mascara is not building up on them.

  3. APPLY LASH GLUE: lash adhesive is a necessity. Without lash adhesive, your lashes are not staying on. The Power Adhesive from Cavalli Lash is an amazing lash glue that will keep your lashes on all day. We offer a clear + black lash glue. PRO TIP: wait until the glue is tacky before applying.

  4. APPLY WITH LASH APPLICATOR: finding an eyelash applicator that is shaped with the natural curve of the false eyelash + your natural eye shape will make the application 10x easier. Skip using fingers, skip using tweezers, and use the lash applicator. It'll save you time with the ends lifting constantly. 

  5. SQUEEZE LASHES TOGETHER: this is a great way to hide your natural lashes + false eyelashes together. If you struggle with seeing the beautiful wispy style of your eyelash, but you can see your natural ones sticking straight out, try squeezing them together (gently of course).

  6. TIGHTLINE: you can either tightline only or you can also do liquid eyeliner on top. Tightlining is essential to hide the colour of your skin which shows the natural and false eyelash gaps.