The Official Guide to Choosing Your First Pair of Lashes

There is no shame in admitting you've never used fake eyelashes before - we all had to buy our first pair at some point! At Cavalli Lash, we're going to try to make sure that this process is as easy as possible for you. There are generally three collections:

Faux Mink Lashes: Created to mimic the feel and look of real mink lashes, these are a vegan alternative to using real mink lashes. The biggest difference between real mink and faux mink is that the latter has slightly more sheen. Some of the styles people enjoy at Cavalli Lash are Milan, London, and Arielle. Here's what London looks like:


Silk Lashes: These are lashes that are made from a synthetic material that mimics the feel of silk (actual silk isn't able to keep its shape). They have a distinctive sheen, and are reusable, especially if you take care of them. Some of the silk lashes we carry are Ku$h, Kali, and Valentina. Here's an example of Kali silk lashes:


Mink Lashes: These are what the synthetics are all based on. Very fine hairs make these a popular choice. Some of our most popular choices include Scorpio, Sav, and Carli. Here's a picture of Scorpio:

Scorpio (PRE-ORDER: Ships July 2021)

25mm and 28mm Lashes are also very bold and dramatic styles that you will not want to miss. For context, here is a picture of Kitana:


And there it is, absolutely painless. If you are still unsure about which style you want, take our quiz! Good luck, and remember - there are no wrong answers.