How To Apply False Lashes

Applying false eyelashes can be tricky

Don't be scared - it can take some practice to get right, but practice makes perfect. 


Tips for an Easy False Lash Application

Step 1: Trim the lash to fit your eyes. Lashes are always extra-long so they can fit anyone, but most people may need to trim them. Cut the spine from outside—not the inside. The lash doesn’t have to fit the full width of your eye. We recommend cutting them so that they will only fit the outer two-thirds of your eye.


Step 2: Using a lash applicator, hold the lashes and brush on a thin line of your fave Cavalli Lash Eyelash Adhesive glue to the lash band. Let the glue dry for around 15 to 25 seconds, and when the glue is tacky it’s time to go for it.


Step 3: Its time to apply glue to the spine. Using a mirror, hold the lashes with your lash applicator (this gives you more control), gently place the lashes as close to your lash line as possible. 


Step 3: Once your lash is in place, you can use your fingers or lash applicator to gently pinch your natural lashes and false lashes together so they’re blended. 


Step 4: Ta-Daahh!




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