How To Care For Your Lashes


Now that you have your fabulous reusable wispy lashes, it's time to make sure that you are caring for them properly! 


  1. AVOID MASCARA: Never apply mascara directly on your Cavalli Lashes as this can damage the quality of the hairs. If needed, apply mascara to your natural lashes before application.

  2. REMOVE GLUE: Once there is a build up of lash glue on the band (typically 2 - 5 uses), gently peel off using your fingers or the Lash Applicator by Cavalli Lash. Be sure that you are only pulling on the glue and not the band when removing the build up. Pulling on the band can damage your lashes!

  3. STORE IN CASE: Are you throwing out the Cavalli lash case? If so, stop! Save your case and keep your lashes stored in there. This can help with keeping the shape of the lash band + protect them!

  4. CLEAN AFTER USE: Make sure you are cleaning your Cavalli lashes. Using an oil-free makeup remove, apply a small amount to a Q-Tip and gently roll the tip on the lash to remove any mascara that may have got on the lashes. Let air dry before storing in the case.


Has your lashes lost it's curl? Use an eyelash curler to reshape them. You can also curl the lashes while they are applied on your eyes.