How to Pick a Lash that Suits your Style

We all have a different way to show the world how in charge we are through how we look, but sometimes it's hard to match a pair of lashes to your style. This guide should give you a better idea of which lash you might choose to accompany your unique style.

At Cavalli Lash, we believe we have a lash for every ladies style:

Subtle - You don't need all eyes in the room to be on you - just the important ones. You don't have to dress to impress, though you always know your worth. Sav is the style that will help you catch the eye of whoever you want. It has a very natural look that resembles real lashes closely.


Commanding - You expect more from other people, but they can't match you. You have a dramatic and bold style that calls out for other people's attention. Scorpio is the best fit for you. From the 3D-Mink collection, these lashes are fluttery, full-body, and will help you to be even more in charge.

Scorpio (PRE-ORDER: Ships July 2021)

Environmental - You wouldn't touch leather clothes if they were the last thing on Earth to wear. Nobody else seems to understand how important animals are. Besitos is the style for you. From our Faux Mink collection, this lash is vegan and cruelty-free!

Besitos (PRE-ORDER: Ships July 2021)

There are so many unique styles, but Cavalli Lash always has an option to compliment whatever you're wearing and however you're feeling. It's amazing how long they last as well, allowing repeated use up to 25 days!


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