False Lashes: More Eyelash Hacks!

And we're back with some more false strip eyelash hacks! Here are some more hacks to get you through the day!


WRAP IT AROUND SOMETHING CYLINDER: use a makeup brush, or even your finger. Anything that can give it that curve if it has lost the shape to make it easy to apply.


CUT THEM TO MAKE IT MORE NATURAL: if you want something more natural looking, you can cut them and apply them as individuals where there are gaps. Make sure to apply a liner to hide the band!


REMOVE THE LASH GLUE: built up lash glue makes it harder to apply the lashes, and even harder for them to stick in place. Use your fingers to lightly remove the glue.


APPLY MORE GLUE IN THE OUTER AND INNER CORNERS: the two places that lift the most are the inner and outer corners. Make sure you apply a bit more on those areas so they stick down better and for longer!