Top 5 Eyelash Hacks

It's time for some lash hacks! Here are 5 of our top hacks to try out when wearing the Cavalli Lash styles!


STACK LASHES: If you're someone who likes extra big and dramatic lashes, stacking your lashes allows you to customize your own lashes. Although we have some fairly dramatic styles, some people want more. You can also cut them to make individual lashes too, or just cut the ends to make it extra wispy!

TRIM TO FIT: This is something that is key to wearing false lashes. Most styles are longer than your average eye shape, so trimming them to fit is necessary. This allows the lash to lift your eye up more!

USE MIRROR TO LOOK DOWN FOR EASY APPLICATION: If you're someone who finds it difficult to apply lashes, you definitely need to try this out. Angling your mirror below will allow you to see the exact spot to place the lash. Note: using a compact will be easier.

INVEST IN A CAVALLI LASH APPLICATOR: We made these for a reason! The shape allows you to pick up the natural curve of the lash and place it on the natural curve of the eye.

SQUEEZE LASHES TOGETHER SO YOU DON'T SEE TWO ROWS OF LASHES: One trouble with wearing false eyelashes is that you can see your real ones underneath. If you squeeze the false ones with your natural ones, it will hide it.