What Your Favourite Lash Says About Your Future

Your lash picks have been entered into the Cavalli algorithm. No more guessing at your future! It's official, folks. 

Scorpio - Nobody can mess with you. If they think you can take care of business now, they have no idea what you'll be like in the future. Those that can keep up with you will be rewarded. Nothing can get it your way.

Scorpio (PRE-ORDER: Ships July 2021)

Fantasy - There's no point standing around and waiting for what you want, when we both know you're just going to get it. Not when you're already the perfect combination of sexy and cute.


Milly - I'm seeing a number with a dollar sign before it. I'm not sure how its related to the style, though.


Kali - White palm beaches with a man getting you your drink. Is there ever a time you don't know how to have a good time?


And there it is, your futures! Who knew it would be as easy to know as buying a pair of Cavalli lashes?