Can You Wear Your Lashes To Bed?

If you've ever wondered if you can wear your false eyelashes to bed, then this is the right place to come to. So, can you? Short answer, no. Long answer, possibly. Let's get into this.


Why shouldn't you wear your false eyelashes to bed?

Bacteria, there are bacteria everywhere, but not all bacteria is harmful. Wearing your lashes constantly and not cleaning them can lead to a build up of bacteria on your false lashes and could cause an eye infection. Check out our How To Care For Your Lashes guide!

They won't look the same in the morning and that's simply because most people toss and turn in bed. If your face is pressed against your pillows, your lash could be held in a position that not only loses it's natural curve, but could also damage the lash.

Damages your natural lashes, and who wants to do that? Nobody. Again, if you have them glued on, with your face pressed against a pillow, if they pull off in sleep they could pull out some of your natural lashes.

What are the exceptions?

Power-naps: if you're going for a 15-minute nap on the public transit on your way to work, it's not going to be catastrophic. You're not going to get a bacteria infection for doing that. The issue is sleeping and rolling around in bed, multiple nights in a row, that can cause these issues.