How To Hide Double Row Lashes?

Are you applying lashes, and you can see the skin between them? Are you applying lashes and not seeing the skin, but you can clearly see your lashes and the false ones? We get it, it's annoying. Here are some tips to hide that!


MASCARA: sometimes all it takes is applying mascara to your natural lashes first, and then applying your false lashes to hide the natural ones.


EYELINER: even if you're not an eyeliner pro, a thin line can hide everything. Also, applying a pencil liner to your waterline can also help cover the skin that is peeping through.


PRESSING: if you've done the two steps mentioned above and you're still seeing a line, press your lashes together. The mascara on your natural ones will stick to the false ones and hide everything. Just make sure to clean them! Check out our How-To Care For Your Lashes guide for more help!


CLEAR BAND: if all else fails, it could be the thickness of the band. At Cavalli Lash, our lashes have a black band that is thin, so this doesn't happen. However, some brands have very thick lash bands that make it harder to hide the line.